Short Courses in Ayurvedic Therapies and Techniques

Ayurvedic Therapeutic Massage

During 30 hours, you will learn Ayurvedic massage – an ancient and holistic body art from India that gave birth to many other official and alternative medicines.


Diagnosis and Anamnesis Techniques

This 20-hour training course is suitable for anyone who feels the need to know in more detail the particularities, tendencies and deficiencies of each individual using up-to-date diagnostic techniques proven by the experience of millennia.


Ayurvedic Fitotherapy

In these 20 hours, we will tackle the subject of herbalism or herbal medicine, which consists of using plants (flowers, leaves, stems, bark, roots, seeds and fruit) and their extracts for health maintenance.



In 30 these hours, we will work on some clinical sequences of Thai Ayurvedic massage. We will teach the manoeuvres indicated for each Dosha as well as the choice of oils to use for each one. We will also make an introduction to Yogatherapy.



In this 10-hour training course, we will look at one of the most enjoyable and widespread ayurvedic therapies, practised in the best spas in the world. It involves the therapeutic application of a continuous flow of liquid on the forehead for specific periods of time.


Oils According to Ayurveda

In these 10 hours, you will be able to learn simple and practical techniques for preparing oils with the most diverse healing effects and applications. You will learn how to make and have the opportunity to take with you highly beneficial oils for everyday use.


Complementary Therapies

These 20 hours will cover 8 Ayurvedic therapies used both as maintenance, detoxification and rejuvenation techniques for healthy people and for the treatment of specific imbalances.


Pinda Swedana

In these 20 hours we will address 4 different ayurvedic therapies where heating techniques with pindas are used for different therapeutic purposes. You will learn how to make pindas from Portuguese herbs.


Indian Head Massage

In these 20 hours, you will learn the benefits and main techniques and sequences of massage to the head, face and surrounding areas with the most diverse healing effects and applications.


Chavutti Thirumal

During 20 hours, you will get to know this foot massage technique developed by the martial artists of Kalaripayattu, which mixes art and dance, and can reach the source of pain with gentle, deep or invigorating movements.


Vibrational Massage with Crystals

In 14 hours, we will give a theoretical and practical introduction to various subtle therapies aimed at healing the physical body and its electromagnetic field.


Ayurvedic Beauty Care

In these 40 hours, you will learn about a wide variety of beauty treatments of herbal origin. Through the analysis of skin, body and hair type you will be able to personalize very effective treatments for the face, body, hands, feet and hair.



In these 20 hours, you will learn to apply marmatherapy, information which has been kept somewhat secret (vital point therapy) and which is only now beginning to be divulged in the West


Ayurvedic Nutrition and Culinary

In these 20 hours, you will get to know the importance that nutrition plays as a basic pillar of health and an imperative complement in Ayurvedic medicine. You will also learn how to prepare Indian recipes following the precepts of Ayurvedic nutrition and culinary.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In 20 hours, you will be able to practise the ayurvedic techniques Garshana, Udwartana and Neerabhyanga as well as learn how to elaborate lymphatic programs according to each biotype.


Vastu Vidya

In 10 hours, we will discuss this traditional Indian system of architecture and design, of Vedic origin, in the context of consulting for therapeutic spaces and spas both in their construction from scratch and in the correction of existing ones.



In these 40 hours, we will cover the most profound and complete therapeutic program in Ayurveda. It consists of 5 deep cleansing therapies which aim to eliminate all toxins from the body, even those accumulated in the deepest tissues, and to re-establish natural balance.


Ayurveda is recognised as one of the most important systems for the wellbeing of body and mind, and its popularity is growing rapidly. This traditional medicine is a precursor and considers all therapeutic areas, from diet to plants, from mantras to meditation, to a panoply of treatments of more direct therapeutic application. It fits into the modern health care system as Ayurvedic methods of disease prevention and daily routine management are now becoming better known, understood, accepted and practised.

As part of our extensive courses, the variety of our Short Courses in Ayurvedic Techniques and Therapies allow our trainees to acquire a deep knowledge of various subjects of this medicine, empowering them with the main ayurvedic techniques and therapies under real needs and contexts.

The syllabus of these short courses considers all therapeutic areas, from diet to plants, from mantras to meditation. They will be able to analyse and act on situations of stress and anxiety, generalised muscular pain or the maintenance of previously diagnosed musculoskeletal conditions, depending on the course chosen.


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