This course teaches how to apply marmatherapy, information which has been kept somewhat secret (vital point therapy) and which is only now beginning to be spread in the West.

The student will learn how to:

  • locate and measure the marmas;
  • identify the anatomical structures that are affected by each marma;
  • identify what controls each marma and how to treat them individually and in groups to treat the systems (srotas):
    respiratory; digestive; metabolic; lymphatic; circulatory; adipose; muscular; skeletal; nervous; reproductive; urinary; excretory; menstrual; lactation; mind.
  • treat the seven tissues (sapta dhatus);
  • treat the doshas and sub-doshas;
  • treat the chakras and specific needy areas.

The methods: cauterization (kshara karma), acupuncture (suchi karma) and bleeding (sira vedha) are also covered.


According to the need in question, the marmatherapist uses a variety of techniques, which will be taught during the training, to treat the marmas in question, namely:

  • Yogatherapy (asanas);
  • Marma massage (mardana);
  • Mantras for the treatment of marmas (mantra chikitsa);
  • Yantras (yantra chikitsa);
  • Use of crystals to treat marmas (mani chikitsa);
  • Application of herbal pastes (lepa chikitsa);
  • Aromatherapy;
  • Colour therapy;
  • Balancing marmas with prana (prana chikitsa);
  • Heat application method (agni karma).


Payment modalities

242,50€ or 50€ pre/registration + 2 instalments of 100€ (to be paid untill the begining of the course)


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

However, it is necessary to consider that it is a challenging course with moments of theoretical and practical evaluation throughout the training.

It is recommended to have some knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology for a correct application and understanding of the therapies and techniques involved.

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This course integrates the Master in Ayurvedic Therapy and Consultancy. If you later decide to deepen your knowledge and join the Master, the amount invested in this short course will be deducted from the total amount of the Master and its completion will be considered as a module already completed.


Payment must be made by bank transfer to IBAN

PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523HOLDER: Centro de Ayurveda (David Ferreira)It is essential to send proof of payment to the email:info@centrodeayurveda.com 


Fill in this form with your data and you will be contacted as soon as possible.



Fill out the registration form, transfer the pre-registration amount or choose prompt payment to the account PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523, and provide documentation to info@centrodeayurveda.com if you want to formally register and ensure your spot right away.