The lifestyle we lead, as well as the type of society we live in, does not allow us to treat ourselves as we should. The levels of stress and toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis are much higher than our bodies and minds should be able to handle. This situation allows toxins to accumulate in our body in deeper tissues, which means that our body cannot expel them normally.

Panchakarma is the most profound and complete therapeutic programme in Ayurveda. It consists of 5 deep cleansing therapies which aim to eliminate all toxins from the body, even those accumulated in the deeper tissues, and to re-establish its natural balance.

Its therapies are carried out in a controlled and therapeutic manner, guaranteeing the expulsion of toxins without unbalancing the doshas.
With therapies of an apparent simplicity, their effects are strongly efficient in:

  • Reversing the negative effects of everyday life
  • Cleansing the body of toxins rooted in the deepest tissues of the body
  • Restoring and maintaining good health
  • Balancing all the body’s systems
  • Improving the general functioning of the whole body
  • Clearing the mind and giving previous peace
  • Opening subtle energy channels
  • Increasing vitality
  • Promoting self-confidence and general well-being

Some of the therapies that are part of this programme are:

  • Nutritional and psychological accompaniment
  • Food therapy
  • Phytotherapy (with local flora)
  • Sweating therapies (Pinda Swedana, Herbal baths, herbal scrubs)
  • Oleation therapies (Massages, Shirodhara, external Vastis)
  • Vasti Karma


Payment modalities

436,50€ or 50€ pre-registration + 4 instalments of 100€ (a pagar até ao início do curso)


There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

However, it is necessary to consider that it is a challenging course with moments of theoretical and practical evaluation throughout the training.

It is recommended to have some knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology for a correct application and understanding of the therapies and techniques involved.

If you feel the need to deepen your knowledge, you can enjoy a 30% discount on the Anatomy and Physiology Course taught within the scope of the Advanced Course on Complementary Osteopathic Techniques – talk to us!


Este Curso integra o Master em Terapia e Consultadoria Ayurvédica. Caso decida posteriormente aprofundar os seus conhecimentos e ingressar no Master, o valor investido neste Curso curto será descontado no valor total do Master e a sua conclusão considerada como um módulo já realizado.

Payment must be made by bank transfer to IBAN:

PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523HOLDER: Centro de Ayurveda (David Ferreira)It is essential to send proof of payment to the email:info@centrodeayurveda.com


Fill in this form with your data and you will be contacted as soon as possible.



Fill out the registration form, transfer the pre-registration amount or choose prompt payment to the account PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523, and provide documentation to info@centrodeayurveda.com if you want to formally register and ensure your spot right away.