AyurvedApothecary was born from the need to provide herbal natural and organic products nationally, which are essential complements for the ideal application of any Ayurvedic therapy, or simply to maintain a good beauty care or quality of life.

These lines of products and amenities are totally handmade in Portugal, promoting local commerce and sustainability. They cover various areas from daily hygiene products, sun care, therapeutic creams, teas and tinctures, among others.

Along with our therapeutic equipments we provide a catalogue containing all the necessary information about each one. Through events, our website, blogs and other associated social networks, we always promote the products that are most needed in each season, as well as economical packs that we create.

Our orders are sent by post or picked up at our facilities, paid on delivery or by transfer. The products in stock will be sent immediately, arriving at your address within 3 working days (Mainland) and up to 15 working days (Archipelagos). We add the cost of the postage (CTT postage) to the value of the products for a final price.

For more information or to place your order please contact us through our form on the CONTACT page through our email info@centrodeayurveda.com or through the mobile phone number (+351) 91 645 92 75 (David Ferreira).


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Fill out the registration form, transfer the pre-registration amount or choose prompt payment to the account PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523, and provide documentation to info@centrodeayurveda.com if you want to formally register and ensure your spot right away.