Centro de Ayurveda, since the year 2000 under the coordination of David Ferreira, was born from the need to bring the world of Ayurvedic Medicine to Portugal as a complementary therapy recognised by the World Health Organization. We seek to strengthen the recognition of this medicine through the quality of our collaborative and innovative, creative and enterprising teaching, in a global space in transformation, oriented towards the new needs of the labour market and lifelong training.

We advocate direct action and of excellence of the Ayurvedic system, reaffirming the Centro’s vision and its positioning as a teaching institution of national and international reference, through:

  • Professional training courses related to Ayurveda certified by DGERT, comprising the core aspects of Ayurvedic theory, diagnosis and practice, in order to offer our trained therapists the necessary skills to carry out assessment and diagnostic consultations in accordance with this medicine, in an independent and qualitative way.
  • Consultancy in the creation of therapeutic spaces, spas, medi-spas, healthy restaurants and signature herbal beauty care, both nationally and internationally, maximising the local flora and personalising the user according to the ayurvedic system.
  • Assessment and diagnostic consultations according to Ayurvedic medicine, as well as advising and carrying out treatment plans, phytotherapy and hygiene practices according to each patient’s diagnosis.
  • Elaboration of beauty care and dietetic programmes and plans with phytotherapeutic and aromatherapeutic bases, focusing on the physical, psychological and emotional improvement of each user.
  • Creation of product AYURVEDAPOTHECARY lines and signature amenities with herbal base, totally handmade in Portugal, covering various areas from daily hygiene products, sun care, therapeutic creams, teas and tinctures, among others.
  • Offering alternative ayurvedic health tourism of excellence through PANCHAKARMA RETREATS.
  • A social and sustainable intervention and action carried out by our team of therapists, trainers and spa consultants with international experience and awareness.
  • We are proud to have trained hundreds of consultants, managers, therapists and technicians of Ayurveda and complementary health-related spaces, who have been working in Portugal and other countries. We have a network of therapists in various parts of Portugal and we will always do our best to meet your needs.

Centro de Ayurveda as a School

After the journey made in partnership with Escola de Hidroterapia e Spa Carla Moreira, Centro de Ayurveda has become an independent entity with the ability to train professionals of recognised quality. Since September 2018 we are a DGERT-certified training institution, thus being able to guarantee greater impeccability in training contexts and certification as professional training to new trainees and those interested in Ayurveda in Portugal.

Although based in Lisbon, Centro de Ayurveda provides courses and training in different parts of the country – Lisbon, Évora and Portimão – bringing knowledge and ancient techniques of Ayurveda therapy to those who can not travel to the capital.

As Centro de Ayurveda we seek to:

  • Extend knowledge about Ayurvedic therapies and techniques across a wide part of the national territory, spreading research and development of good practices of this medicine.
  • Maintain recognition as a sustainable educational institution through our spirit of social responsibility and certified multidisciplinary teaching.
  • Guarantee a solid future for our graduates within the field of ayurvedic health and complementary therapies, making them responsible and autonomous professionals.
  • Promote health and well-being with outreach to the community and with effective impact through intervention and consultancy projects.

Graduating Students’ Trip

As part of the end of the Ayurveda Therapy and Consultancy course offered by Escola de Hidroterapia e Spa Carla Moreira in Oporto and Centro de Ayurveda in Cascais, the final year students went on a trip to India with trainer David Ferreira.

There they had the opportunity to attend a series of workshops and presentations given by internationally renowned institutions in Ayurveda. They were also able to visit clinics, spas and training centres specialising in the area, giving them a practical insight into the knowledge acquired throughout the course.