Ayuredic Restaurant

We take gastronomy, nutrition, and dietetics to another level, personalizing customer service, creating from scratch new dietary or spa menus, or adapting them to a traditional menu or restaurant.


Ayurvedic Spa

The most important international spas stand out for combining their definition of a therapeutic health space with a dream experience.


Herbal Beauty Centre

Sustainability measures are the new paradigm of existence. We implement healthy, new and sublime forms of Beauty Care. We create product lines, programmes and signature treatments for each space.

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If you want to open an Ayurvedic space or reconvert the space you have, do not hesitate to contact us.

We offer consulting services for spaces such as restaurants, Ayurvedic spas and beauty centers and herbal aesthetics.

We are also open to new types of spaces – send us your proposal!

Centro de Ayurveda offers consultancy in the creation of therapeutic spaces, spas, medi-spas, healthy catering and signature herbal beauty care, both nationally and internationally. We harmonise each space and each therapy with the place where it is located, interconnecting the surrounding flora and natural elements with its philosophy and history.
We update the therapeutic level of spa programmes in general and help each unit find and maintain its identity in the market, in a sustainable and always unprecedented way, be it a beauty care centre, a spa, a restaurant or any other space.

We have a team of trainers, therapists, collaborators and spa managers of reference, with international experience and awareness that aim for the supreme good of all those who get involved with our proposals. For each person, the space is part of their personal journey of self-knowledge, relaxation, maintenance and rejuvenation.

The most renowned international spas stand out for combining their definition of a therapeutic health space with a dream experience.

We create unique spas from scratch or use an existing space/concept, enriching and rejuvenating it according to Ayurvedic precepts. We take into account concepts such as Vastu Shastra – the Indian precursor of Feng Shui – which allows us not only to think about the decoration but also the very layout of the space. The therapies presented, incorporated into exclusive programmes that always take into account the location, local history and flora, are part of Panchakarma and Poorvakarma, millenary therapeutic programmes that aim to detoxify, maintain and rejuvenate the body and mind.
The therapeutic process is not confined to the physical spa area but, whenever the conditions are right, it extends to the restaurant and rooms, making the stays as beneficial and holistic as they are pleasurable.

Knowing that Ayurveda is a rapidly developing cross-cultural experience, we offer the recommended option of translation of the therapeutic programmes and information leaflets into a wide variety of languages, by accredited translators who are native speakers of each language.

Combine excellent care with dream therapeutic programmes that can range from day-spa concepts to month-long therapeutic programmes. It is an experience that can truly change the lives of those who undergo it, as it can make us rethink life in a healthier way and give us mechanisms for change and continuous personal development.

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