Lymphatic Programmes and Therapies



In this ayurvedic lymphatic exfoliation, the body is scrubbed with gloves and a compound with the draining properties of fleur de sel and camphor and



Ayurvedic lymphatic drainage, or Neerabhyanga, is a therapy that stimulates the immune system and also promotes a state of deep relaxation. Following a sequence in


Lymphatic Programme

It includes an initial consultation, nutritional, behavioral and phytotherapeutic monitoring, as well as sweating therapies, wrapping and lymphatic treatments. Duration 10 sessions Bookings To book



This therapy consists of a massage in which a lymphatic paste of herbs and spices is rubbed into the body. This therapy is particularly suitable



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Lymphatic treatments are a massage technique that consists of a set of specific maneuvers whose objective is to reduce the accumulation of fluids (lymph) in the body, reducing edema and the feeling of swelling, particularly in the area of joints and abdomen.

The accumulation of toxins in the lymphatic system ends up contaminating the cardiovascular system and the entire body with it, which is why maintaining a healthy lymphatic system is extremely important at any age and in any situation, being especially suitable for pregnant women, in situations of pregnancy or post childbirth. ​​

The benefits of lymphatic therapies and programs are varied:

Eliminates metabolic waste.
Detoxifies the body.
Stimulates the immune system.
Increases tissue nutrition and oxygenation.
When applied to the body, it also reduces the degree of cellulite and when applied to the face and skull, it helps to reduce all types of headaches and migraines, rhinitis and sinusitis and puffiness around the eyes.

Whether integrated into our fantastic Therapeutic Programs or applied alone, the variety and proven benefits of our therapies make them something not to be missed. Relax and enjoy unforgettable moments with our highly qualified therapists.


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