Manual Lymphatic Drainage

In this training, besides dealing with the basics of Ayurveda, we will integrate the techniques of:

It consists of a dry lymphatic scrubbing of the skin, where the therapist uses preferably a silk or wool glove to perform the massage, using natural and herbal elements for exfoliation. Its purpose is to strongly stimulate the subcutaneous tissue and increase peripheral circulation, causing redness and heat on the spot. It removes dead cells like a light peeling. It is also a great detoxifier for the body and causes an energetic cleanse.

It is a therapy in Ayurveda and essentially consists of performing a massage using a lymphatic (shallow) paste of herbs along with oil. The use of the powder is intended to stimulate the adipose tissue and local circulation.

It is a delicate massage that stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates the excess toxic fluid that exists in all parts of the body, excluding the nervous system. Like any lymphatic drainage massage, it is especially useful after surgery or prolonged illness, as it helps recovery and eliminates the effects of medication. It is advisable both for people who lead a sedentary life and for those who live a fairly active life.


  • 10 ayurvedic lymphatic treatments
  • Lymphatic programmes
  • Lymphatic yoga
  • Lymphatic Self-massage
  • Dinacharya/routine for lymphatic problems
  • Lymphatic marmani, nutrition and phytotherapy for lymphatic programmes.
Trainees also learn to customize treatments after an analysis of the person’s biotype.


Payment modalities

291€ or 50€ pre-registration + 2 instalments of 125€ (to be paid until the beginning of the course)

There are no prerequisites for taking this course.

However, it is necessary to consider that it is a challenging course with moments of theoretical and practical evaluation throughout the training.

It is recommended to have some knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology for a correct application and understanding of the therapies and techniques involved.

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Este Curso integra o Master em Terapia e Consultadoria Ayurvédica. Caso decida posteriormente aprofundar os seus conhecimentos e ingressar no Master, o valor investido neste Curso curto será descontado no valor total do Master e a sua conclusão considerada como um módulo já realizado.


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