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Category: Therapeutic Programs

Therapeutic Programs


Either to prevent cases of illness or to deal with a present problem, Panchakarma is a therapeutic programme with a deep detoxifying, toning and rejuvenating

Therapeutic Programs

5 Senses Programme

In Ayurveda, maintaining a healthy state is an imperative. Not only the quality of life you lead, but also a feeling of long-lasting youthfulness and

Therapeutic Programs

Sports Programme

Doing sport regularly works our body in depth.The programme we propose is suitable for maintaining everyone’s health, and is the ideal complement to intensive physical

Therapeutic Programs

Total Relaxation Programme

This programme will provide a peaceful and deep state of conscious relaxation. The plants, flowers and aromas used in this programme are handpicked to uninhibit

Therapeutic Programs

Deep Detox Programme

This programme is designed to help the body rid itself of toxins that have accumulated in excess. Using ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, we combine therapeutic effectiveness

Therapeutic Programs

Postnatal Recovery Programme

After the birth of a new baby, it is essential that the mother takes care of herself, recovers well, is healthy and happy. In this