Ayurvedic Programme Caregivers and Rehabilitation

Revitalise your life with integrated health coaching and systemic change.

We have designed a fully personalised programme to transform your health and promote a new life.

This plan will be guided by a caregiver, a therapist at home, who will provide support in the various stages, obstacles, through protocols of behavioural, nutritional, psychological therapies, ayurvedic coaching, phytotherapy, yogatherapy, rehabilitation, massages, treatments and ayurvedic programmes specific to each context.

When the energy, focus, concentration, or simply the willpower to remain committed is not enough to make the changes necessary to return to balance and harmony, we suggest a 90-day programme to transform your health with the help of a carer who, in your home, provides the support and care necessary to recreate a new life.

Centro de Ayurveda has a network of carer therapists across the country, contact us to allocate the one most suitable for you.


90 days – 14 sessions – 4h/day


To book private consultations or simply ask any questions contact us through  terapias@centrodeayurveda.com

Payment must be made by bank transfer to IBAN:

PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523

HOLDER: Centro de Ayurveda
(David Ferreira)

It is essential to send proof of payment to the email:



Fill in this form with your data and you will be contacted as soon as possible.



Fill out the registration form, transfer the pre-registration amount or choose prompt payment to the account PT50 0007 0000 0029 0422 07523, and provide documentation to info@centrodeayurveda.com if you want to formally register and ensure your spot right away.