Integrative Holistic Health Course


This course is held by Centro de Ayurveda. It is certified by DGERT (the Portuguese state recognised diploma for professional studies).

The course is a unique, humane, personalised and holistic approach which considers body, mind and spirit along with their relationships with nature. It is Ayurveda based, inclusive, progressive and a continuously evolving knowledge system with universal attributes. The integrative approach to health care and cure has been the basic matrix of the Ayurveda practice for thousands of years.

Boomland, with an autochthonous holm oak reserve, is located next to the Idanha dam; This is the place that hosts Boom Festival (which, since 2008, has won some of the most important awards for sustainable events), the Being Gathering and the Being Camp.


Boomland, Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

There are no prerequisites for the Integrative Health course. It is a training that teaches an interdependent perspective of the natural world, with theoretical and practical moments.


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