Ayurvedic Consultations/Appointments

The ayurvedic consultation includes diagnosis and anamnesis, consultation and nutritional, phytotherapeutic and psychological monitoring of the patient. It includes ayurvedic recommendations that are totally personalised


Postnatal Recovery Appointments

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Being integrated into Therapeutic Programs or applied alone, the variety and proven benefits of our therapies and massages are proven in situations of stress and anxiety, generalized muscle pain or in the maintenance of previously diagnosed musculoskeletal conditions. They contribute to a restorative sense of well-being, improving your quality of life.

Our consultations use various forms of diagnosis, including tongue, skin, urine, iris, etc. .

These sessions are indicated to prevent or treat the appearance of pathologies and maintain general well-being. They are different approaches, depending on each patient, in which the objective is unique: to provide a better quality of life.

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