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Category: Massages

Herbal Aesthetics

Indian Head Massage

Ayurveda (ayur-life; veda-knowledge) is one of the first therapies known to man, a holistic medicine originating in India. It focuses on the human being as


Ayurvedic Massage

Using oils medicated with plants from the region – and according to your specific needs, this massage is ideal not only for maintaining a healthy


Thai Yoga Massage

The main objective of Thai massage is to re-establish the energetic balance of the body and mind, promoting optimum health and minimizing cases of illness.


4 Hands Massage

4-Hand Massage is a therapy performed by two masseurs working simultaneously and in synergy. It is usually performed in two ways: one masseur starts at


Chavutti Thirumal

In the Malayalam dialect of Kerala, it means applying pressure with the feet. This practice, developed by the martial artists of Kalaripayattu, blends art and


Vibrational Massage with Crystals

This course is for people who take being part of Nature and of a Greater Whole for granted. A theoretical and practical introduction to various