Boomland Courses

In these times of climate emergency and widespread search for alternative ways of living, we partnered with the Boom Festival team in 2021 to present a set of courses that respond to the needs of our world.

The partnership merges our extensive experience in providing outstanding training and teachers of excellence, in a location that stands out for its natural beauty, and is a world-class example in sustainable events and infrastructure.

It began with the first edition of the PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) in 2021, designed to help students develop an ecological language and an understanding of the basic principles of ecological and regenerative design. Certified internationally and for the first time in Portugal, also as a professional training course. Permaculture is a holistic planning system, based on ethical principles, aimed at creating sustainable human environments in harmony with the ecosystem.

In 2022 we went further and launched the Integrative Health course, a unique, humane, personalised and holistic approach that considers body, mind and spirit in their relationship with nature. It is based on Ayurveda, it’s inclusive, progressive and a constantly evolving knowledge system with universal attributes. The integrative approach to health care and healing has been the basic matrix of Ayurvedic practice for thousands of years.

This is a unique opportunity to learn in a space that hosts festivals and events of various scales, as well as running a regeneration and reforestation project since 2010 – systems designed from permaculture principles. Boomland, with an autochthonous system of holly oak trees, is located near the Idanha dam; it is the venue for the Boom Festival (which has won the most important sustainable events awards since 2008) and the Being Gathering.

Every year, with this partnership, we seek to respond to the demands of today by developing innovative training courses with the usual quality that characterises our teaching. These are intensive and unique residential courses and, as always, all training materials are included.